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Vision XR Gallery exclusively works with a handful of artists to guarantee the quality of the artworks that are being sold.

Benjamin Spark
Featured Artworks

Benjamin Spark’s visual language freely samples from art history and popular culture, redeploying canonized styles and genres alongside graphics borrowed from youth subcultures and the commercial mainstream.

Spark was born in 1969, Boulogne Billancourt, FR.
He currently lives and works in Brussels.

Yaniv Edery
Featured Artworks

Passionate about art and technology, Yaniv Edery developed a painting technique unique in the world, resulting from years of study. Edery’s one-of-a-kind style gives his artworks an impressive life and relief.

Living in Monaco, Edery has delivered artworks to a wide range of international celebrities, including sport stars such as Nadal & Leclerc, actors and royal families.

Stevie Chow
Featured Artworks

For Stevie Chow, the overarching theme of his work is to create art that enlivens our most intimate areas in positive ways. Stevie’s inspiration mainly originates from his own desire to be surrounded by positive affirmations, in order to combat the distractions of our noisy world.

Chow is a rising Canadian talent in the street art scene, creating promising artworks with very limited supply.