Turning Thoughts into things

Vision XR Gallery is a daughter company of Vision XR, a company specialized in futuristic technologies in the field of Marketing and IT. Vision mainly focuses on developments in blockchain, augmented reality and virtual reality.

Vision XR Gallery was founded because Vision wanted a platform to showcase their latest developments. There is no better way than to showcase new technologies with art. Art has always broken boundaries and will continue to do so. 

You’re very welcome to discover the world of Vision XR at our galleries in De Haan and Antwerp. 

Much more to come, stay tuned. 

— We turn thoughts into things.

Your Experts.

Niels Soete

Founder & Director

[email protected]

Hisham Shehata

Framer & Creative

[email protected]

Guillian Fonteyne


[email protected]

Nathan Pollyn

Art Advisor Benelux

[email protected]

Denisa Berisha

Art Advisor U.K.

[email protected]


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