Yaniv Edery is a self-taught artist, born in 1977.

Passionate about art and technology, he set up after years of study a technique unique in the world which gives the work an impressive life and relief.

Yaniv Edery works with resin, varnish, acrylic but his passion remains the glitter that he seeks all around the world to have a unique style. The colors used are metallic and varnished for a different effect at each viewing angle of the work. His first collaboration was made with Mr. Garcin then came Jonas Leriche as well as Monika Nowak. He also collaborates with Tchoba, an immense Monegasque artist, his exhibitions are visible all over the world (USA, Mexico, Dubai, Switzerland, etc.).

He was selected at Art Basel Miami to reproduce and represent the immense James Rizzi.

Lover and hard at work, he has, as he says, a part of his heart in each work

Yaniv Edery

Artworks available


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