A unique
selection of artists

Vision XR Gallery has exclusive partnerships with a diverse pool of talented artists, primarily from the pop art & street art scene.

An ideal mix of promising talents and internationally established artists are displaying their finest artworks in our galleries.

Benjamin Spark

Benjamin Spark is a visual artist internationally appreciated for his creative pop-art paintings. The style of his artworks is mainly inspired by art history and popular culture, alongside graphics borrowed from youth subcultures and the commercial mainstream.

Yaniv Edery

Yaniv Edery is a self-taught pop art artist who lives in Monaco. Passionate about art and technology, he set up after years of study a technique unique in the world which gives the work an impressive life and relief. Edery’s unique perspective on pop art is being widely recognised. Edery participated in various prominent art fairs and will be the opening artist of a 2022 worldwide event in Qatar.

Stevie Chow

Stevie Chow is a rising Canadian talent in the urban & street art scene, creating promising artworks with limited supply.

For Chow, the overarching theme of his work is to create art that enlivens our most intimate areas in positive ways. Stevie’s inspiration mainly originates from his own desire to be surrounded by positive affirmations, in order to combat the distractions of our noisy world.