Vision XR Gallery
De Haan

The gallery in the city centre of De Haan represents the very first branch of Vision XR Gallery, officially opened in October 2020. The showroom is easily accessible, with a large parking facility and a tram stop just across the street. Here you can discover a fine selection of modern art, pop art and urban art, exclusively crafted by our home artists, among which Edery, Spark & Chow.

Completely renovated before opening, the interior radiates a modern and welcoming look & feel. Upon entry of the gallery, the spacious environment immediately catches the eye, next to the brightness created by the natural light, in combination with the numerous spots. The white walls and white ceiling further contribute to the clean and modern look.

The property actually has a hybrid function. On the right side you will encounter the main part of the art gallery, while on the left side we have our office space, where we work together with colleagues of our sister company Vision XR, which provides professional IT & marketing services for enterprises.

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